I'm very excited to introduce my new INSTANT ATTRACTOR FACTOR, program. This is a virtually effortless way for you to begin using my greatest wealth and success-attraction secrets in less time than it takes to watch an episode of American Idol!

Dear Friend,

I don't need to tell you that times are tough.  People are living from paycheck to paycheck, they're maxed out on their credit cards and
many are so overwhelmed with debt they feel caught in a downward spiral that keeps getting worse.

Yet, even in these toughest of times, there are those who continue to prosper and are making more money than ever before.
People assume that there's something "special" about these people, that they were born into money or that they're just "lucky."  

I disagree.  

I've consistently found the one thing that separates those who prosper from those who are struggling is simply having awareness of proven success principles and having the confidence to use them.


You know that I've devoted many years studying everything ever written about The Law of Attraction. I've published numerous best-selling books on wealth and success attraction, have appeared on the hit movie The Secret and am considered one of the top authorities on helping people attract whatever they want into their lives.

I'm especially proud of my best-selling book, The Attractor Factor, which I've recently updated and re-released due to the thousands of rave reviews I've received from people telling me about the amazing impact it's had on their lives.  In The Attractor Factor, I reveal my easy 5-Step formula (based upon all of the best techniques, tools and strategies I've discovered)  for accumulating massive success in all areas of your life.

I truly believe this magical 5-Step formula is the key to turning around whatever situation you're currently in so you can immediately begin living the life of your dreams.


Because I 'm so convinced in the power of The Attractor Factor and have seen the many remarkable results that it's brought to so many people, I decided to produce it in a format that allows you to automatically master this life-changing information with virtually no effort at all.
(I want there to be absolutely no excuse standing in the way of you being able to prosper from the very information you may need at this time).

Even if you already own The Attractor Factor, this program will help you to get results even faster by reinforcing key concepts deep into your mind so you can be benefiting from these secrets without even thinking about them!


That's right. That's all the time I need for you to listen to my INSTANT ATTRACTOR FACTOR program and begin automatically using the secrets that have made so many people wealthier, healthier and infinitely happier.

Yep, just 43 Minutes is all you need to master my powerful 5-Step Formula and the other success and wealth-attraction secets I've included in this program.

All you need to do is sit in your favorite recliner, get comfortable on the couch, or relax anywhere you please while your mind gets programmed to easily and effortlessly increase your business, find your love, improve your health, attract more money, or anything else you can imagine such as:

  • Creating wealth (or anything else) from the inside out
  • Tapping into your hidden creative power 
  • Achieving goals you've never achieved before
  • No longer worrying about money or what the future will bring
  • Having more energy instantly so you can attract what you want now
  • Signaling the universe so it begins to move whatever you want to you
  • Mastering the one step alone from which miracles occur
  • Freeing youself from stress, strain and struggle
  • Succeeding in phenomenal ways and attracting what you desire
    And Much More!


I've enlisted the help of my friend Dr. Scott Lewis, chiropractic physician and one of today's most famous hypnotists. He has the longest running hypnosis show in Las Vegas and has sold over 455,000 of his self-hypnosis programs throughout the world. Dr. Lewis' methods are so effective, he's been featured on Extra!, Inside Edition and other popular tv shows worldwide.

Dr. Lewis has taken my 5-Step Attractor Factor Formula as well as some of my powerful success and wealth-attraction secrets (that I've personally selected) and recorded them into a relaxing, self-hypnosis format that works simply by listening to it.

All you need to do is find a comfortable place to listen while my most powerful wealth and success attraction secrets sink deeply into the back of your mind so that you'll be able to use them automatically - without even thinking about them. 


Dr. Scott Lewis is one of the world's most famous hypnotists. Over 400,000 people have experienced his powerful technique that makes mastering any information FASTER and EASIER than ever before!


I know of no faster and easier way for you to learn and master my 5- Step Attractor Factor Formula (as well as several of my handpicked secrets, strategies and proven success attraction methods) than by using the INSTANT ATTRACTOR FACTOR program.

Just imagine the exciting changes you'll be making in your life  with automatic mastery of my most powerful success and wealth attraction tools.

Many people have told me that this program is easily worth $100 due to the unique and special format it's recorded in. If you were able to get into see Dr. Lewis for a private session at his clinic covering this material, he would charge $750 per hour. If you were to see me personally to review these concepts, you'd have to wait at least 7 months and pay my hourly rate of $6000.

NOTICE: This program is now only available by invitation only.

That's right.  You'll have instant access to this amazing program that I'm confident can jump-start your current situation 

When you order right now, you'll be able to download the entire 45 minute program that you can play as often as you like and whenever you want. You're only moments away from accessing my most powerful wealth and success attraction secrets in the FASTEST and EASIEST way I've ever devised.

There's no time like right now to take a single, easy and significant step that can give you the changes you're seeking in your life. Go ahead and order right now.  You have absolutely nothing to lose. This program is completely guaranteed. If you're not 100% satisfied, you'll receive a cheerful refund. 

Go for it!

Dr. Joe Vitale


NOTICE: This program is now only available by invitation only.

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